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At Mobility Media we are developing holistic aftermarket connectivity solutions for cars and electric light vehicles. Our connectivity ecosystem provides a full portfolio of services able to cover different use cases. These are the three pillars of our development.

Hardware components

Hardware components

Mobility Media uses telematics hardware components of the Bosch dongle retrofit telematics portfolio. With the different components we can build customised and integrated connectivity solutions. Our product portfolio consists of two hardware options: the Bluetooth dongle or the GSM dongle. All Vehicle Links provide access to vehicle data via the OBD2 interface.

Software components

Software components

We have a strong focus on development divisions for modularisation and customisable white-label smartphone applications to meet customer needs. Possible products are, for example, car diagnostics or a trip log for a connected car solution. Furthermore, Mobility Media´s connectivity SDK can be implemented into third-party apps, too.

Web services

Web services

We develop and build highly customisable Web portals and widgets for the integration of specific functions into existing solutions. Our Web services can be used either as a complement to our software solutions or as stand-alone product. Integration of selected functions into websites and apps is also possible through standardised APIs and widget technology.

It’s up to you!

Complete ecosystem or
modular playground?

The base for our connectivity ecosystem is a modular toolkit. The components can be chosen and compiled individually depending on the specific needs of our clients.

Our white-label ecosystem offers many different functions and features that can be easily combined into an ecosystem or integrated with existing solutions. It is possible to get just one element, like the hardware or a Web service solution, or the whole ecosystem.

Technologies and features will be maintained and developed further to extend the functionality with new and beneficial features in the future. Solutions are available globally and can be supported in many regions and countries. Safety and security are an integral part of all components too.

Holistic solutions from a single source

Our expertise covers the whole process beginning from the concept stage (Think) to the building stage (Build) up to the operations stage (Run). Further assets are the extensive end-customer understanding, aftermarket expertise and OEM Diagnostic know-how.
solution think
  • User research
  • Ideation
  • Concept and prototyping
  • Customer journey
  • UX, UI
  • Marketing and sales strategy
solution build
  • Visual design
  • Mobile app development for iOS and Android
  • Portal development
  • Website widget technology
  • Back-end platform development
  • Hardware and firmware engineering
  • Common connectivity and IoT architecture
solution run
  • Operations
  • Support
  • Customer care
  • UX and CR optimisation
  • Marketing campaigns
  • SEA, SEO
  • Bosch collaboration

The best of both Worlds

Mobility Media is part of a great Group.

With our parent company Bosch behind us, we can offer you the broad experience of a leading global supplier of technology and services. We benefit from 125 years of successful market experience and useful Bosch diagnostic know-how. Our solutions are available globally and can be supported by Bosch in many regions and countries. As a growing start-up we can operate largely independently and flexibly, but we can also access group resources.

So we are big, but also agile.

Bosch Group:

  • Professional
  • Trustworthy
  • Focused
  • Global
  • Practiced
  • Engineering know-how

Mobility Media:

  • Innovative
  • Direct
  • Clear
  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • Digital expertise

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